About Us

Welcome to Oneposh, your go-to source for unique and beautiful art and home decor. Our home decor online store features a huge selection of affordable pieces making your home's style from "Hm..maybe" to "Yes, It Is Gorgeous".

We understand that you have many options when it comes to decorating your home, which is why we're passionate about bringing you the most creative and inspiring products on the market.

From beautiful lighting fixtures that create a soft and soothing ambiance, to collectible figurines that add a touch of whimsy to your shelves, we offer a wide range of products that will help you infuse your home with personality and charm.

At Oneposh, we believe that your home should be a reflection of your unique style and personality. That's why we offer a diverse range of products that can be mixed and matched to create a look that is truly your own.

Our focus on partnering with local and international artists sets us apart from the competition. We believe in showcasing the work of talented individuals and bringing their art into your home. With over 200 artist partnerships and over 450 products featured on Oneposh, you can trust that our selection is unparalleled.

We're constantly curating the best new art and decor to bring you the latest trends and timeless classics.

At Oneposh, we take our commitment to the environment seriously, and we're proud to announce that we've partnered with the Dollar Donation Club to help remove plastic from our oceans. For every order placed on our website, we'll donate a portion of the proceeds to support this initiative.

The Plastic Fischer campaign by the Dollar Donation Club is an incredible initiative that aims to clean up our oceans by removing plastic waste from the water. By partnering with them, we're doing our part to make a difference and create a more sustainable future for all.

At Oneposh, we believe that every little bit counts when it comes to protecting our planet, and we're dedicated to doing our part. From using eco-friendly materials in our products to supporting environmental causes like the Plastic Fischer campaign, we're constantly striving to make a positive impact.

So when you shop with Oneposh, not only are you supporting local and international artists and bringing beautiful pieces into your home, you're also making a difference in the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans. Join us in our mission to create a better future for our planet, one order at a time.



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